Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

By David Hutchinson, Owner

There are many transitions in life, some are predictable such as the changes from childhood to adolescence, then adulthood to life as a senior adult. Each year, the seasons change from winter to spring, then summer to fall.

Through the ninety-degree days of summer are behind us, the lawn still needs attention - mowing, aeration and fall fertilization. The leaves are about to change from monochromatic green to a profusion of fall colors. Enjoy the display - soon all that beauty will be on your lawn, patio and in your house gutters!

If you're not outsourcing home-based outdoor activities, try these suggestions.

  • Cut your lawn a notch lower before the leaves drop. Cleanup is far easier if the leaves are not embedded in the lawn.
  • When leaves cover the lawn, first run over them chopping them up then attach the mower bag before cutting the lawn a second time.
  • Try spreading tarps at opposite ends of the lawn to empty the mower bag as needed. Most tractors and zero-turn mowers offer collection systems that can achieve similar results.

Leaves can be blown (handheld blower, backpack blower or by push wheeled blower) into piles then out to the curb. Larger blowers produce more air volume, which moves larger volumes of leaves quickly. Smaller blowers offer better control of debris and can assist weekly cleanups throughout the growing season.

Power equipment makes outdoor living easier. You decide if it's fun! For the purists, there's always hand raking.

When autumn is finally over, drop off your mower or call for equipment pickup. We discount off-season equipment received for service during the next month of November. Most important, you'll be ready for next April.

Wait, did I forget winter?