Mower Issues

Having Mower Issues?1

"My mower won't start. It worked fine last time."  These are words we often hear at Brighton Mower.  

There are multitudes of reasons that power equipment might not start. 

Sometimes the problem is a dirty carburetor, tank or fuel line.  But more often, the issue is moisture in the fuel due to its ethanol blend.

Ethanol blended fuels start to deteriorate or go "stale"  in four to six weeks.  This is called phase separation, a chemical process whereby the ethanol portion (usually 10% or higher)  separates from the gasoline portion of the fuel. Once ethanol separates from the gasoline it becomes hydrophilic, bonding with water molecules.  Now moisture laden, the ethanol portion of the fuel becomes heavier than the gasoline based portion and sinks to the bottom. 

This is significant because most lawn mowers have gravity fed fuel systems, which means that the carburetor is at the bottom waiting for gasoline to ignite and start the engine.  Water-bonded ethanol only "douses the flame".

Most cars and trucks use fuel injection systems consisting of electronics and highly effective fuel filters which protect the fuel system from dirt, rust, and moisture. This allows automobiles to burn less than optimal (i.e. ethanol blended)  fuels.  Pity the poor fuel filter, no electronics... just an "old school carburetor" trying its best to process old fuel before sending it into the engine to be burned. 

We at Brighton Mower highly recommend using Ethanol Free or E10 fuel in small engines whenever possible to minimize starting and running issues. Fuel additives can help to keep the fuel supply fresh.  Always run your equipment dry of fuel when it is not going to be used for six or more weeks.

Of course, not all "no start" issues are fuel related.  And we are ready to assist you with your power equipment needs six days a week!